Doctor Discussion Guide

Most patients lack any real relationship with their healthcare provider, so an awkward dialogue takes place during most discussions in doctor’s offices. Here are the essential questions to be thinking about before going to your appointment, and questions to review with your healthcare provider to get the most out of the visit. Just select a condition in the box below and your prep list will appear below.

Asthma Discussion Guide

Written by eHealth Navigator Friday, 30 March 2012 2:24PM

Be sure to talk about your asthma symptoms and feelings openly with your doctor and other healthcare providers. 

Together, you can work toward an asthma management plan that best fits your needs.

Talk with your healthcare provider about:

1. How often you have to use your fast-acting inhaler?

2. How often you are having asthma symptoms?

3. Whether your asthma symptoms are keeping you from joining in life’s activities?

4. Whether it is time to use a daily controller medicine for asthma to help prevent your asthma symptoms before they start?

5. Am I using my fast-acting inhaler too often?

6. Is my asthma as well controlled as it could be?

7. Do I need a daily controller medicine that can help prevent my asthma symptoms before they start?