Doctor Discussion Guide

Most patients lack any real relationship with their healthcare provider, so an awkward dialogue takes place during most discussions in doctor’s offices. Here are the essential questions to be thinking about before going to your appointment, and questions to review with your healthcare provider to get the most out of the visit. Just select a condition in the box below and your prep list will appear below.

Allergy Discussion Guide

Written by eHealth Navigator Thursday, 29 March 2012 8:56AM

Use this checklist to create a personalized Allergy Discussion Guide to take to your next appointment.

Simply print out the questions below and write in your answers to each question then take them with you to your appointment.

For each item, select all answers that apply to you.

1. I suffer from the following symptoms:
a. Sneezing
b. Itchy nose
c. Stuffy nose (congestion)
d. Runny nose
e. Other

2. I suffer from allergy symptoms during the:
a. Spring
b. Summer
c. Fall
d. Winter

3.  My allergy symptoms are triggered by:
a. Trees
b. Weeds
c. Grass
d. Mold
e. Dust
f. Animals

4. Other family members who suffer from allergies include:
a. A spouse
b. A child/children
c. Other family member
d. No one else, only me

5. I've used the following prescription allergy medicines:
a. Allegra®
b. Clarinex®
c. Flonase®
d. Nasacort AQ®
e. Nasonex®
f. Rhinocort Aqua®
g. Singulair®
h. Veramyst®
i. Xyzal®
j. Other (enter product name)  

6. I've used the following over-the-counter medicines:
a. Afrin®
b. Benadryl®
c. Claritin®
d. Sudafed AQ®
e. Zyrtec®
f. Other (enter product name)  

Other questions I'd like to ask my healthcare professional: