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Written by eHN Staff Sunday, 25 March 2012 4:23PM

Email us for online sales information at .

To ensure that your inquiry is forwarded to the appropriate person be sure to include details about your advertising needs or questions.

Advertising Specifications

•    Leaderboard, top of page, 728x90, 40KB, Looping 15 second per max
•    Medium rectangle, upper, right or left side, 300x250, 40KB, Looping 15 second per max
•    Skyscraper, left hand side, 160x600, home page only, 40KB, Looping 15 second per max
•    Leaderboard, bottom of page, 728x90, 40KB, Looping 15 second per max
•    Video, in-frame


Only GIF and JPG formats accepted, no Flash swf files
Redirects can be used, but should only contain image files, no flash
Ads must be received 5 business days prior to launch date

Featured Recipe – Bi-weekly, food & lifestyle focused newsletter

•    Medium rectangle, middle, right side, 300x250

Discussion Guides - By request, condition specific

•    Medium rectangle, middle, right side, 300x250

General Guidelines:

File Formats Accepted: GIF, JPG, SWF, 3rd party ad tag
DFP is used to serve all site ads and all newsletter placements
Animation may loop 3 times, 18 fps 15 seconds per max
All ad units must launch a new browser window when clicked on
UTP ads (user targeted placement) should have GIF/JPG versions of creative
All ads are served via JavaScipt tags

Flash Guidelines

Flash files must be coded properly for proper click and impression tracking
All flash files must be submitted as a .SWF file with accompanying back up of GIF/JPG for display to users who do not accept flash
A click thru URL must also be supplied for each .SWF ad unit
Below are instructions for SWF ActionScript file coding:

Create an invisible button over the area that you want ‘active/clickable’ to users
On that invisible button, put the following action: on (release) {getURL(_level0.clickTag,”_blank”);}
Export the SWF and test by opening the SWF and clicking on the intended ‘active’ area. If a new browser or Explorer window opens upon click, the ad has been coded correctly for DART tracking. The ad must spawn a new browser window
We accept up to Flash version 9

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